Truly independent


Truly independent

Complete Financial Planning utilise over 35 years’ experience in investing to be able to offer clients the very best advice when implementing financial solutions. This advice is given across a range of diverse products including investments, pensions and Inheritance Tax planning.

Utilising cash flow modelling, it is possible to forecast your financial situation, helping you to see how to achieve the financial future you desire including ‘what if’ scenarios. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and each financial plan is unique, giving a long-term financial outlook in the client’s best interest. The ultimate goal is to build a successful, long-term relationship together.

We pride ourselves on our independent status. We feel that being truly independent is how all financial advice should be. This ensures that we have the facility to recommend the very best to our clients. Unlike other advisers who choose to follow a simpler, restricted proposition, we never have to settle for products that may not be the best for the client. We know that if there is a better regulated product, we can obtain it.

We utilise a tailored fund selection criteria to ensure the very best performing funds are within a portfolio as bespoke as the client. We obtain funds from the whole market, creating a unique portfolio for clients based on their objectives and attitude to risk. This allows us to pick the best of the best funds within specific sectors to give the greatest potential returns to clients.

By not following the norm of utilising standard investment propositions, we feel that we are able to stand toe to toe with more expensive discretionary fund managers without the punitive charges.

We feel it is very important for client’s to feel secure. As a fully regulated financial advice firm, clients can feel assured with the highest level of protection through the Financial Conduct authority and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If there is ever a need to look at unregulated products, you will be notified every step of the way.

Commission free

Importantly, no commissions are received by our firm in respect of investments so clients can be assured that they are receiving unbiased independent advice, without financial influence from external companies.

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